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Issue 10. Marshall Protocol News and Updates (2007)

Los Angeles Conference on Combating Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria in Chronic Diseases Including Cancer and AIDS (Los Angeles, California, June 17-18, 2006) DVDs are now available from a two-day conference for physicians, patients and policymakers sponsored by the Autoimmunity Research Foundation in Los Angeles, California (see:

The conference, entitled “Recovering from Chronic Disease – Sarcoidosis, AIDS and Cancers” covered new research on cell wall deficient bacteria, vitamin D, theoretical and practical aspects of the Marshall Protocol and molecular genomics. The Marshall Protocol has been used to treat many chronic Th1 diseases, including autoimmune diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease (“Th1 diseases” are so called because Interferon Gamma is thought to be dominant in inflamed tissues, even though Interferon Gamma blood levels may not be elevated).

Alan Cantwell, Jr, M.D., discussed the role of cell wall deficient (L form) bacteria in AIDS and cancer. His distinguished 40 year career has included research on cell wall deficient bacteria in many different diseases. Professor Yoshinobu Eishi spoke on his years of research on the role of bacteria in sarcoidosis.

Trevor Marshall, PhD, (Murdoch University, Western Australia) spoke on several topics, including antibiotic resistance, molecular genomics in the pathogenesis of chronic Th1 disease, and the role of cell wall deficient (CWD) bacteria as a factor in AIDS. Greg Blaney, M.D., discussed symptoms of Th1 diseases and their response to treatment.

To better understand the need for limitation of vitamin D on the Marshall Protocol, J.C. Waterhouse, Ph.D., covered a broad range of research on vitamin D. John McDonald, B.S., an expert on optical instruments, presented information on practical microscopy in relation to detection of CWD bacteria. Other sessions included study design and case histories of patients on the MP, as well as patient tutorials.

Note: Experience indicates that the Marshall Protocol (MP) must be studied and followed carefully in order to be effective and avoid possibly serious consequences from bacterial die-off reactions due to enhanced antibiotic effectiveness even at very low doses (for free assistance, go to

Marshall Protocol DVDs, AAEM, Australian and FDA Presentations

The Science – Marshall Protocol. This DVD contains Dr. Marshall’s presentation at the 2006 Conference of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), which runs for 1 hour 10 minutes (includes Q&A session), explaining the science behind the MP. Additionally, the DVD includes Dr Marshall’s presentation at Bio21, University of Melbourne, Australia, which runs for 1 hour (plus Q&A), and his “Visiting Professor’ presentation to the FDA, which runs for 55 minutes (plus Q&A).

Recovering from Chronic Disease” Contains the ‘Recovery’ Panel Sessions from the 2005 and 2006 ARF Conferences, and the 2006 Panel Session on ‘Working with your Healthcare Provider’ – altogether over a dozen patients describing what it is like to recover from Th1 diagnoses such as CFS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroiditis and Sarcoidosis.

Chicago Conference – 2005. A set of DVDs from the 2005 Conference in Chicago may be obtained from the Autoimmunity Research FoundationThe above DVDs may be obtained from the website: or by sending a check or money order to the Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 3423 Hill Canyon Ave, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. The suggested donation for the The Science and the Recovery DVDS together is $20 to $40 (or whatever you can manage), $55 for the Los Angeles conference DVDs, and $35 for the Chicago Conference DVD set (see website for version for Health Professionals).

Vitamin D Book Chapter and Conference Presentation

Dr. Trevor Marshall was invited by Nova Science Publishers to contribute a chapter covering his work on Vitamin D in chronic disease for the book, Vitamin D: New Research (see below). Dr. Marshall’s new research on Vitamin D is challenging many of the commonly held beliefs about this so-called “vitamin,” which plays a crucial role in immune function. In some circumstances, Vitamin D (25D) may act more like a steroid immunosuppressant than a vitamin, allowing harmful cell wall deficient bacteria to increase. Dr. Marshall finds this can occur at levels many assume are safe. Limitation of Vitamin D is a key part of the Marshall Protocol.

The book chapter written on Dr. Marshall’s Vitamin D research is entitled: “High levels of active 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D despite low levels of the 25-hydroxyvitamin D precursor – implications of dysregulated vitamin D for diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease,” by Waterhouse JC, Marshall TG, Fenter B, Mangin M, Blaney G, In Vitamin D: New Research, New York: Nova Science Publishers.

New Articles on the Marshall Protocol

Waterhouse, J.C., The Marshall Protocol for Lyme disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions. The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 2007; Two-part article, April and May 2007 issues; No. 285 and No. 286.
Part One:
Part Two:

Waterhouse J.C., The Marshall Protocol (MP): A new approach to treating chronic Lyme disease. The Lyme Times. Number 46, Fall 2006. California Lyme Disease Association, PO Box 1423, Ukiah, CA 95482, available online at:

For a good overview of the Marshall Protocol for a general audience including detailed and/or technical links,
see A Short Introduction to the Marshall Protocol by Amy Proal

Editorial Note (2008):  For vitamin D presentation transcript from the Los Angeles conference, see:

Other Marshall Protocol News

Trevor Marshall, Ph.D. has presented information on his molecular modeling research to the FDA, has presented at two molecular modelling conferences and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He has made a tour of universities giving invited lectures in Australia and is the Patron of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation of Australia, in addition to being the Director of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation in the U.S.A. He has also received an Adjunct Professor with the School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Murdoch University, in Western Australia. The FDA OOPD (Office of Orphan Product Development) has already approved the designation of two antibiotics for sarcoidosis and the Autoimmunity Research Foundation has other FDA applications pending for drugs used in the MP for chronic Lyme disease. For information on publications, presentations and relevant links, see “Papers for Physicians” .

Sun Avoidance on the Marshall Protocol: New strategies that may allow more outdoor activity.

Many people on the MP have been finding that there are certain sunscreen ingredients that do help them tolerate sun exposure. Most of the active ingredients do not seem to be effective for the purposes of reducing sun sensitivity reactions on the MP, but sunscreens that contain “invisible” zinc oxide or titanium dioxide have been recently found to help reduce sun sensitivity reactions for many people on the MP. One should still cover up as much as possible, but one can use these products on areas that are unavoidably exposed to sun. Some people even use the zinc oxide sunscreen together with ketoconazole cream, if one does not work well enough alone. However, there are still a minority of patients who are so sun sensitive that these methods do not work and in these cases, staying indoors as much as possible in the daytime is the best option. For more details, see: Sunscreen Overview (2008 update) and the links within it.

Be a Part of History…

The following is something I wrote to emphasize the importance of the work of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation ( ) that supports research on the Marshall Protocol and the bacterial pathogenesis of numerous chronic diseases. I am only affiliated with the ARF as a volunteer and the Foundation is run by an all volunteer staff. If you have found any of the information provided in CISRA’s Synergy Health Newsletter or on the Marshall Protocol site, I urge you to make a donation to the ARF. I believe there is no better use at this moment in history for your charitable donations.

Reasons to Give Generously to the Autoimmunity Research Foundation

There are many reasons to donate generously to the Autoimmunity Research Foundation and to some degree, the reasons depend on who you are.

If you are just learning about the Marshall Protocol, or are just beginning to find out that you fit the picture of a Th1 disease, then you are probably eager for the ARF to be able to continue to help you and to continue to improve the protocol. You also need to have the MP gain greater acceptance to be more certain your Benicar will be covered and that your doctor will continue to support the protocol. You probably want to see more research done to further validate the protocol and give statistics on its efficacy. All these things are more likely to occur, if you donate generously.

If you are someone who has gotten your life back completely or partially from using the Marshall Protocol, then you only have to think about how valuable your life is to you and how valuable the quality of your life is, to want to give generously in return for that gift of life. You may already have benefited financially from the MP because it has saved you health care costs or because you are able to return to work. And think how much it might have cost you if you had to pay for all the time and effort put in by the ARF staff and Dr. Marshall.

When you think of those large sums that you might want to give in return for your benefit, of course, most can not afford to give that much, certainly not all at once. But it should make us all think whether we have really given enough, considering all the benefits we have received and continue to receive.

If you are a friend or relative of someone with a Th1 disease who has benefited from the MP, you will want to give out of gratitude for the help they have received and a desire for that help to continue. You may also consider that other family members might have a Th1 disease as well and might benefit someday.

And whether or not you are close to someone who has been helped by the protocol, there are other reasons to give, if you just consider the implications of this protocol for chronic diseases that ravage our country and the world. It now seems quite likely that diseases of chronic inflammation account for most chronic diseases and most of what we consider inevitable consequences of aging itself (see Time magazine article on The Silent Killer, Feb. 24, 2004).

Besides the physical illnesses, if one considers the many mental illnesses that are likely to also be caused by CWD bacteria, and the violence that sometimes results from various degrees of depression, suicidal/homicidal impulses and other mental derangements (eg., Virginia Tech massacre and even potentially some terrorist acts), the effects of these bacteria on our society are magnified exponentially. And the effects of curing these conditions are even more staggering.

These diseases are already beginning to bankrupt our society due to ballooning health care costs, causing labor disputes, and loss of jobs overseas and eventually will cause enormous stresses on government expenditures, crowding out money for most other needs. Just about any area of spending is affected by the increasing need for health care spending, which will skyrocket as baby boomers age and as more and more costly, high tech therapies are developed.

So, regardless if whether you are primarily concerned with education, child abuse, national or international poverty, defense spending, homeland security, environmental issues, like global warming or almost any issue you can name, money for health care will deplete the resources for all of them. Or if you are more concerned about taxes, health costs will certainly raise taxes and health care premiums.

And one of the main reasons this is happening is because the true causes of these diseases are not acknowledged and instead enormous amounts are being spent on drugs that treat short term symptoms rather than the underlying cause of the disease- chronic bacterial infections with cell wall deficient forms

You can be a part of history by helping to turn around this situation, at a time, when every dollar is crucial in order for the Autoimmunity Research Foundation to advance research related to the causation and treatment of disease by CWD bacteria. Think how each dollar you donate will be multiplied many fold in the long run in terms of savings in money wasted on expensive and often near worthless treatments. And one can not put a price on the needless emotional and physical suffering that will be prevented among the chronically ill.

Even if you are someone who is not entirely convinced of the theory behind the Marshall Protocol, I believe that anyone who honestly studies it, will see its enormous potential and conclude, as I have, that it is an approach that merits support. So, I would urge you to make a donation to the Autoimmunity Research Foundation. I believe it is a very sound investment in your future and I do not think it is an exaggeration to say, the future of the world.

JC Waterhouse, Ph.D.

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