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Issue 9. Some Useful Links Related to the Marshall Protocol (2006, 2008)

by J. C. Waterhouse, Ph.D. is the link for the umbrella organization, and has links to the main sites related to the Marshall Protocol — site for new people starting the MP to find information and doctors

Links to Published Scientific Papers Related to the Marshall Protocol:

Order DVDs of March, 2005 International Conference held in Chicago on “Recovering from Chronic Disease” from — several speakers discuss CWD bacteria and the Marshall Protocol

Easy Finder & the ABC of MP – MARSHALL PROTOCOL FAQs (Required Reading):

Marshall Protocol Success Stories:

Side Topics — evidence for bacteria causing Th1 diseases, cites many studies, can see photographs, discusses many other diseases eye inflammation, dental problems, cardiac problems, cancer, MS, ALS and evidence for their connection with Th1 disease and other topics etc… 


Marshall Protocol –Phase One Guidelines:

Instructions for Obtaining Accurate Results For 25D and 1,25D Vitamin D Levels:

To Obtain Doctors List for your area, see:

Marshall Protocol Described in Laymen’s Terms: Talk Transcript for a Lyme Support Group:

Overview Article on the MP:

Overview of Vitamin D Dysregulation and its Implications:


My Progress on the Marshall Protocol: Going Slowly and Cautiously to Achieve Success:


Benicar use for applications beyond anti-hypertension:

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