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Issue 9. Figures Illustrating the Theory and Practice of the Marshall Protocol (2005)

by J. C. Waterhouse, Ph.D.

Figures illustrating the presentation: Marshall Protocol Presentation in Laymen’s Terms (Nov. 12, 2005)


Figure 1. Some Antibiotics Encourage Transformation into Cell Wall Deficient (CWD) Forms

Classical Bacteria ======>> CWD/cystforms======>> CWD hide inside cells (e.g., macrophages)
Antibiotics that attack cell walls stimulate transformation into cysts/CWDs


Figure 2a.  Regulated Vitamin D Metabolism

25D form of vitamin D =====>> 1,25D active hormonal form of vitamin D (tightly regulated by kidneys)
(25-D is inactive precursor from sun and food)


Figure 2b. Dysregulated Vitamin D Metabolism and Steps of Marshall Protocol

Dysregulation is caused by infected macrophages, which can convert 25D to 1,25D without the kidneys.

MP Step 1: reduces D
25-D (Vit. D precursor)=====>>infected macrophages =======>>1,25-D (active steroid hormonal form)
Angiotensin II ===========>>infected macrophages ======>> inflammatory chemicals (e.g., Interferon Gamma)

MP Step 2: Benicar blocks Angiotensin II

MP Step 3: Low Doses of Bacteriostatic Antibiotics — Immune modulation from Steps 1 and 2 enable low doses of certain antibiotics to kill bacteria.


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Editorial Note (2008): Newer work of Dr. Marshall’s shows that Benicar also activates the Vitamin D Receptor, which is important in order to overcome blockage of the receptor by bacteria — see A Short Introduction to the Marshall Protocol.

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