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Update 4. Marshall Protocol: 2005 Conference, Book, DVDs

by J. C. Waterhouse, Ph.D. 

Los Angeles Conference on Combating Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria in Chronic Diseases Including Cancer and AIDS (Los Angeles, California, June 17-18, 2006)

A conference for physicians, patients and policymakers is being sponsored by the Autoimmunity Research Foundation and is scheduled for June 17-18 in Los Angeles, California at the LAX Hilton. The conference is entitled “Recovering from Chronic Disease – Sarcoidosis, AIDS and Cancers.” and will cover new research on cell wall deficient bacteria, vitamin D, theoretical and practical aspects of the Marshall Protocol and molecular genomics. The Marshall Protocol has been used to treat many chronic Th1 diseases, including autoimmune diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease (“Th1 diseases” are so called because Interferon Gamma is thought to be dominant in inflamed tissues, even though blood levels may not be elevated).

The Keynote Speaker will be Alan Cantwell, Jr, M.D., who will discuss the role of cell wall deficient (L form) bacteria in AIDS and Cancer. His distinguished 40 year career has included research on cell wall deficient bacteria in many different diseases.

Trevor Marshall, PhD, will speak on several topics, including antibiotic resistance, molecular genomics in the pathogenesis of chronic Th1 disease, and the role of cell wall deficient (CWD) bacteria as a factor in AIDS. Greg Blaney, M.D., will discuss symptoms of Th1 diseases and their response to treatment. Since Vitamin D reduction is a key component of the Marshall Protocol, J.C. Waterhouse, Ph.D., will discuss new research on vitamin D to be published soon in a new book (see below and this link), as well as more recent, unpublished research on vitamin D.

John McDonald, B.S., an expert on optical instruments will discuss practical microscopy in relation to detection of CWD bacteria. Meg Mangin, R.N., will discuss study design and Belinda Fenter, B.S., and a panel will discuss some practical issues relating to the Marshall Protocol. Case histories of patients on the Marshall Protocol will also be presented.

For more information, see (registration fee is $95 before May 22, 2005 and $115 thereafter). If you consult the above link before April 30, double check it again about a week later to see if there are any updates. If you prefer, you may register by mail. You may send your name, address, phone and email address and a check to the Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 3423 Hill Canyon Ave, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

**Note: Experience indicates that the Marshall Protocol (MP) must be studied and followed carefully in order to be effective and avoid possibly serious consequences from bacterial die-off reactions due to enhanced antibiotic effectiveness even at very low doses (for free assistance, go to, or

DVDs Available

A set of DVDs from the 2005 Conference in Chicago may be obtained from the Autoimmunity Research Foundation ( or above address) for a $35 suggested donation (see web site for version for Health Professionals). For a suggested $15 donation , a DVD of Dr. Marshall’s presentation for the FDA’s “Visiting Professor” program may be obtained (Marshall TG: Molecular genomics offers new insight into the exact mechanism of action of common drugs – ARBs, Statins, and Corticosteroids. FDA CDER Visiting Professor presentation, FDA Biosciences Library, Accession QH447.M27 2006.)

Announcement: Revolutionary Vitamin D Information to be Published in a New Book (Projected Publication Date: May 31, 2006)

Dr. Trevor Marshall was invited by Nova Science Publishers to contribute a chapter covering his work on Vitamin D in chronic disease for the book, Vitamin D: New Research (see below). Dr. Marshall’s new research on Vitamin D is challenging many of the commonly held beliefs about this so-called “vitamin,” which plays a crucial role in immune function. In some circumstances, Vitamin D may act more like a steroid immunosuppressant than a vitamin, allowing harmful cell wall deficient bacteria to increase. Dr. Marshall finds this can occur at levels many assume are safe. Reduction in Vitamin D is a key part of the Marshall Protocol (see Conference Announcement above).

A brief overview of this new view of Vitamin D can be found in Issue 7 of this newsletter, as well as an overview of the Marshall Protocol, also in Issue 7. Additional published scientific information can be found at “Papers for Physicians” (l). Information on testing the two types of Vitamin D levels is available at

However, it should be noted that there will be much additional information on Vitamin D that has never been published before that will be included in this new book chapter (some of the research from the book chapter and even some newer information will be presented at the Los Angeles conference, June 17-18, 2006, announced above).

The book chapter written on Dr. Marshall’s Vitamin D research is entitled: “High levels of active 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D despite low levels of the 25-hydroxyvitamin D precursor – implications of dysregulated vitamin D for diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease,” by Waterhouse JC, Marshall TG, Fenter B, Mangin M, Blaney G, In Vitamin D: New Research, New York: Nova Science Publishers; in press.

(Note: No royalties or other proceeds from the sale of this book are being paid to the contributing authors of this book chapter.)

For more information on the book containing this chapter: Vitamin D: New Research, Editor Veronica D. Stoltz, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 1-60021-000-7, see:

The projected publication date for this book is May 31, 2006 and there is a pre publication discount of 40% for those who order it in time (orders may be done quickly by emailing the publisher at: The publisher can also be reached at: Nova Science Publishers, Inc, 400 Oser Ave., Suite 1600, Hauppauge NY 11788-3619, Phone: (631)231-7269, Fax: (631)231-8175.

To help achieve a wide availability of this book through interlibrary loan, some people are contacting medical libraries to suggest they order it. Some people have also purchased the book to donate to a medical library in their state. A list of medical libraries can be accessed online at:

Editorial Note (2008).  For a pdf of the book chapter, see this link.  For other, more up-to-date Marshall Protocol information, see MP News (2007) and For further information, see transcript of Los Angeles conference presentation on vitamin D.

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