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Update 1. New Book on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity — MCS (2000)

by J. C. Waterhouse, Ph.D.

Alison Johnson, Editor of MCS Information Exchange, has written a book on MCS, entitled Casualties of Progress. She has already done excellent work through her MCS video and the surveys of MCS patients and the treatments they have found most effective. In this new book, she has compiled the personal histories of 57 people with MCS, including a number of people with Gulf War syndrome. As in the video, she is careful to present the material in the most convincing way, rather than the sensational way it is often presented in the media. She has a background in mathematics, and the analytical precision she has shown in her MCS treatment surveys (still available, see below), is sure to have led to a convincing book. Her own experience with MCS in herself and 3 daughters, and her knowledge of the widespread suffering caused by MCS, can account for her high level of dedication and personal sacrifice to help in this cause.

The price of the book is $14 plus $2 S&H.  The book will be printed using soy ink and acid-free paper.) Because she is dedicated to get the message out to a wider public, she will offer the book at a greatly reduced bulk rate for those who have bought an initial copy at one of the above prices (she will send you details on request, or when you order your book). She encourages people to give these copies to media outlets, libraries and government officials. She plans to lobby in Washington DC herself and would appreciate financial contributions to help her finance this effort.

For more information on her MCS video, entitled: “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health,” you can read a review of the video at: MCS Video Review and Comments. Also, regarding the video, she asks that those who would like to help, should ask their library to purchase a copy of the video entitled “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” that was reviewed in the July issue of Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association. If you and your sympathetic friends and relatives in other towns do this, you can help the cause with little effort and no expense.

To obtain the book or video from Alison Johnson at MCS Information Exchange, send $14 plus $2 S&H for the book or $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling for the video to: Alison Johnson, MCS Information Exchange, 3 Larrabee Farm Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011 ( Ms. Johnson also has brochures and booklets, as well as survey results and detailed discussions covering many different treatments tried by MCS patients. She also has additional video cassette tapes that include more detailed discussions with the experts featured in the MCS video. If you just want some general information on MCS, you can obtain it by sending her a $1 donation and an SASE with your request.

I strongly encourage you to help her in her efforts. I believe that those who are concerned about MCS have an excellent advocate in Alison Johnson, and she will be able to do a great deal in encouraging awareness, government services and research, if her efforts get the support they deserve.

Editorial Note (2008):  Check her web site for new offerings, DVDS, changes in prices, address etc…

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October 30, 2000 at 2:32 pm

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